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OpenEntry is a logging program that was originally developed to be a simple daily journal program that I could integrate into my personal site. Although it is limited to certain kinds of databases and web server configurations, it has become much more flexible than I intended.

I maintained a private journal for nearly a year before I encountered an online journal community. I frequently read the daily entries of a few individuals and I was inspired to release my own journal to the public; but, I wanted mine to be dynamic and free.

Ideally, it should not matter where you are; if you can access the Internet and you have a web browser, you can add an entry to your journal or view entries you've all ready written. Configured properly, OpenEntry enables you to do this.

Colors and fonts can be customized in a simple configuration file. Of course, further customizability is available to users that are confident enough to edit the jsp source files.

Mike Duncan


OpenEntry is written by Michael Duncan. It is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.

Copyright © 2001 Michael Duncan